Ignite your Passion

6 Changes to Make Now – because if not now — WHEN?

Any time you feel stagnant, commit to making a change. The beginning of a new year, a new month, the new moon, the week, or even just a new day can all be times to commit to making some changes in your life.

What changes would you like to make? You can ignite your passion and experience a more vibrant existence by making changes now.

Begin now to ignite your passion and make changes

Use these strategies to begin making changes:

  1. Pay special attention to your health. Revitalize by eating well, exercising vigorously, and getting proper sleep. Take care of your teeth, hair, and skin. When you start feeling more beautiful, you’ll boost your self-esteem.
    • Let yourself get excited about the changes you’re making regarding your body and overall health.
  2. Read more. Although you may prefer other activities, reading is one pastime that expands your mind in many ways. Focus on reading about topics you enjoy or want to learn more about.
    • If you love to travel, read travel guides and stories set in the places you’d like to visit.
    • If you adore your dog, read about the breed, dog training techniques, and how to care for your pooch’s health.
    • Expanding your intellectual horizons will help you become a more interesting person who has plenty of things to converse about with others.
  3. Each week, have a date with the love of your life. Dates are meant to enhance your closeness and make your relationship stronger. They also add an element of fun to your partnership.
    • Whether it’s a Tuesday evening pizza and movie at home or a Saturday night dinner followed by dancing, spend special time each week with your partner. Ignite the fires of passion and change your lives for the better.
  4. Set priorities and keep them straight. For example, if your priorities are family, work, and self, be sure to consider each one when you’re making decisions. The key is to be aware of your priorities.
    • Start this year by behaving in ways that demonstrate your priorities. Maintain your focus on what’s important to you throughout the year.
    • When your existence matches your priorities, you’ll be more passionate about what you’re doing at home, in the workplace, and on your own.
    • This month, begin planning to do something you haven’t done before. Nothing gets the juices flowing like engaging in a novel activity. Will it be that ten-day trip to Europe you’ve wanted to take or finally moving into those new condos with the fitness center and swimming pool?
    • Maybe your new experience will be something you’ve wanted to do for years or perhaps it’s something you’ve just decided to explore.
  5. Put your best foot forward at work. If you’ve reached the point where you’re bored with work, it’s up to you to spice it up. Strive to excel at your job this year. Volunteer for that new project, take on an undesirable task, or simply expand your efforts each day.
    • Skip the gossip sessions at the water cooler. Offer extra help to your supervisor when she looks like she could use it.
    • Document your efforts and when the chance for a promotion arises, step up. Be confident and let the boss know why you’re the best person for the job.
  6. Do everything you can to live your best life, starting now. You’ll soon discover that you’re feeling more vibrant, interested, and passionate in all aspects of your life. Happy new day … whatever day it is!
new born trees represents new beginning, passion

We would love to hear from you on how you ignite your passion and keep it lit. Comment below or reach out through email. Only when we light up from the inside can the REAL us EMERGE.

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