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At Emergent You, We believe everything is connected

All of our programs, coaching, and content is designed with ONE goal in mind: To help YOU emerge as the best version of yourself. Lori Palmer has developed Conscious Consumption™ combining multiple coaching modalities, holistic nutrition studies, and a personal practice and study of yoga that spans 3 decades. The foundation of the Emergent You methods always start with food because Lori knows everything is connected.  There is an incredible relationship between the body and microbiome influencing  how we think, feel, and act. As an mBIT Professional Coach, the integration of head, heart, and gut wisdom is an undercurrent in all of Lori’s teachings.  

Food as the Foundation

We start with food in every one of our programs because there is no separation from gut health and every other system in our body. Our mood, our mental and physical performance, and our energy are all affected by the quality of the food we eat. We promote a lifestyle focused on whole plant based foods. Our signature Conscious Consumption™ programs combine back to the basics nutrition with an intuitive approach. Multiple coaching modalities, including mBIT, are merged so you can access the wisdom of your distributed mind (head, heart, and gut) to make coherent and aligned food choices based on new knowledge and your personal intelligence. We cut through the crap of old stories and beliefs to help you define what is truly healthy for you.


Life is growing – changing – evolving – emerging. We see each individual as a tree, no one exactly like another. And to grow from sapling to snag, we endure cycles in life of new growth, full bloom, to dormancy. When we notice a tree not producing, or blooming fully, we must start with the roots. The food and the nourishment, and the movement of that life force from trunk to branches. And we may need to prune, and focus our efforts on only a few key branches while the roots heal. And with time, nutrition, and care, the tree will thrive and grow. 


Mindful Movement & Breath

Conscious Consumption™ is so much more than the foundation of healthful food. Our philosophy at Emergent You is that everything we do is a form of consumption. Our movement diet is a critical facet of our health, and Conscious Consumption™ programs weave mindful movement and breath into everything we do. Becoming conscious about your movement and developing an integrated wisdom with your distributed mind allows you to make the best possible choices every day to serve your emergent being. With signature programs you go beyond yoga and meditation as an activity, and integrate awareness to all of your movement. Whether your exercise of choice is weight lifting, HIIT, or walking, we will bring balance and mindfulness to your movements so you are coherent, integrated, and wise.

deliberate Decisions

Conscious Consumption™ eliminates  compulsive behaviors and paves the way for transformative growth. You will become clear on your values, examine old and limiting stories, and deliberately choose the things that truly serve the highest version of you. Running on autopilot and compulsive consumption become a thing of the past, making way for you to shine with radiant health, abundant energy, and a passion & drive for the things in your life that allow you to be the YOU you have been craving to be. 


I am passionate when it comes to health and removing the CRAP that keeps you from emerging.

People turn to me for coaching to live their best life, and I start with food because I know the power of physical health being the foundation for every other success you want to achieve.

My uncompromising values in business and in life are that we have our own answers and there is no ONE right way for everyone but in the face of evidence and new knowledge I will challenge you to cut the CRAP and the lies you are telling yourself to keep you from your own wisdom. I push with tough love and call BS yet will not tolerate self-doubt and mean self talk – That is all part of the crap I help you rid yourself of for good.

My people are open minded and curious and want to feel and be better than where they are today and will join me on this journey with laughter and excitement of the possibilities.

It doesn’t matter to me where you are starting as long as I have your commitment to keep going, one step, one choice, one breath at a time.

I am on a mission to destroy the damn wagon that people fall off of and instead hold hands and take a walk. Then if you fall…. it is easy enough to pick yourself up and wipe your knees and keep going with me right there holding out my hand.

Hanging out with me will make you GROW and GLOW.

It is inevitable.

I want to exit this world with the legacy that I helped so many people that they in turn went and helped 10 others and the waterfall effect continues. I want to rid the world of diseases born of our choices by educating, coaching, and walking the walk.

I go to bed every night with the satisfaction that me being me makes a difference. I live a life passionate to serve and teach.

With my friends and family I am goofy and loving and do my best to hold space for each one of them to be exactly who they are, and I am right here to give them a boost every damn day.

My stance on diet and my passion for eating whole plant based foods might offend people at times, but I can’t unknow what I know and will never pass up a chance to drop the seed of knowledge. 

I will not rest until we are all armed with information to make the healthiest decisions. If you know better and choose not to act that is one thing…but many people just don’t know what choices will truly align them to optimal health.

I don’t believe in failure – I believe in results. Results are merely the output of a choice. If you don’t like the results, we have to change the input. But you have to WANT to really change.

It infuriates me that people think life is what happens to them… and it is NOT.

Life is what you do and how YOU are and what YOU CHOOSE to see and be and do in the face of life.


Lori Palmer

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My Approach

People are  like trees… and  just as the apple tree doesn’t stop being an apple tree in the absence of the fruit, we are always our divinely amazing selves;  many times we have just forgotten that. We need some care and feeding, and sunlight and breeze and TIME.  The tree doesn’t bloom overnight, and with Conscious Consumption™ we begin to focus on the journey, and not the outcome. And when we do… the abundance of life is ours. 


I was first introduced to Lori Palmer and Emergent You while on a short hospital stay directly related to many years of being overweight.
Emergent You and Conscious Consumption™ has been one of the biggest transformations in my lifetime and working with Lori is an absolute pleasure!

After many years of fad diets and scattered readings, I had grown weary of any program directed at losing weight (one of my primary goals). But after meeting Lori and reading about her programs and philosophies, I didn’t hesitate to jump in head first, and I couldn’t be happier; even as I’m only in my first few months of the program! I knew right away this was a life-changing endeavor, seemingly custom made for me and my current situation.

The results that I have experienced through Conscious Consumption™ have been sudden and delightful. While weight loss is always a gradual process, the way I feel, inside and out, has changed almost immediately. More energy, more confidence, and improved mental and physical health are just a few of the pleasant byproducts of this amazing program.

There is no question that through Lori and her courses I have begun a journey that has brought new vigor and energy to my plight and will most certainly change my life forever!


Conscious Consumption™ Cut the CRAP Course Student

What made you sign up for the program? I wanted to have easy recipes that might help transform my gut. I didn’t want to think but have everything laid out for me. I am not a cook and not confident with cooking. I saw how passionate you were about eating well and believed it would work from your results and your conviction. Then when I saw how much you knew about plant based and really lived it and how much you really want to help people and change the world through it, I wanted to sign up.

Were you happy with your decision or was it a disappointment? I was very happy with my decision. I couldn’t believe I actually took the time to shop and got everything on the list. It helped going with my boyfriend so that he could get things while I was getting other things at the store. We had fun with it and it was easy and fun to make the recipes.

How has the Conscious Consumption™ Cut the CRAP Course transformed your life and relationship with food so far?  So far, it’s made a big shift in the bloating. I think this has a lot to do with not eating eggs or dairy. I also feel more energized and sleep better. The quinoa and sweet potato recipe made me feel better right away and I started to learn to go to vegetables first.

How is this program different from any other diet you have experienced? You are very hands on and accessible. You’ve created a community that has a great energy so that helps to support and encourage. The recipes are fun and engaging, easy to follow. I feel inspired by this diet program rather than like I’m inadequate and need fixing. With this diet, I feel like you value me and encourage me to emerge from the healthiest place which is already there but needs to be fed well.

What results did you experience? 

I experienced more energy, feeling a greater sense of happiness and well-being. Vibing higher.  Confident about shopping and preparing meals. Reduction of bloating in face and belly. Feeling better in clothes. Able to maintain a healthy weight that now feels natural. Awareness that eggs and dairy had really been affecting me negatively.

What is one thing this program offers that no one else does? Your program offers an honest, personal touch, a real community of real people, and the tools to actually get you in balance. It’s a program that delivers equilibrium which I think is heads and tails above the rest.

Will you recommend this program? Yes and I have to my Best Friend!


Conscious Consumption™ Cut the CRAP Course Student


Life Changing!

There is no question that through Lori and Conscious Consumption I have begun a journey that has brought new vigor and energy to my plight and will most certainly change my life forever! ~ Kevin


Passion to help

Lori is the real deal! She has a vibrant spirit and a passion to help people. I would definitely recommend working with her. She is so encouraging and full of wisdom and love. And she really knows her stuff when it comes to being healthy body, mind, and spirit. ~ Mary

What made you sign up for the program? I signed up for the program because ever since coming into adulthood, I have always strived be a better version of myself not only for me but for all the people around me, family, friends, coworkers, my spouse, my pets etc… It’s a process and we as humans are constantly evolving. Part of that process for me is continuing to build upon all the knowledge and experience I have to enable myself to make better decisions about every aspect of my life including my health and safety. It is a part the foundation of my hierarchy of needs and I believed that participating in this program would inherently help me improve mentally, physically, emotionally, and open my mind to some principles I, perhaps, hadn’t necessarily considered in past.

Were you happy with your decision or was it a disappointment? The program did not disappoint! I was happy with the decision and happy to see such a supportive group of people who were in the same mindset and willing to make some changes to their lifestyle. The thoughtfulness that went into the program is absolutely evident through the content, meal plan, exercises, and accountability tools that were provided, yet flexible enough to fit my busy schedule.

Was there anything that made you think twice before signing up or was it an impulse decision? The decision to sign up was easy! Based on the cost and what I knew the program had to offer, it was a no-brainer. It was also an easy decision for me because I’m open to putting in the effort required to make the appropriate lifestyle changes without excuses getting in my way.

How has the Conscious Consumption™ Cut the CRAP Course transformed your life and relationship with food so far? Upon completing the program, I have definitely become more mindful about where my food comes from and what I choose to eat to fuel my body and it’s processes. Understanding the physiology behind how food is processed in the body and becoming more in touch with the way I feel after meal times is now playing an active role in my decision making whether I am grocery shopping or out to dinner at a restaurant.

How is this program different from any other diet you have experienced? As a former CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting coach and gymnast, I’ve tried all the diet programs. The best part about this one in my opinion is it’s sustainability. It’s simple, eat all the plants! They are readily available, there isn’t a ton of measuring or worrying about the glycemic load of a particular fruit or vegetable.  Just eat clean, whole, organic plants!

What results did you experience? While on the whole food, plant based diet, I feel lighter. No more tired, stuffed to the brim, dragging, regretful feelings after meal times. My energy levels stayed the same, there wasn’t much of adoption period my body had to overcome and when it was said and done, I was pleasantly surprised to find I had in fact lost 10 pounds in a few weeks, my clothes fit better, I was a bit leaner in areas that have always been more difficult to lean out on my body.

What is one thing this program offers that no one else does?
The attention to detail and one on one access to a person who genuinely cares about your journey. The community is so supportive. Lori is consistently checking in with me and pushing me to stay on track, offering advice when I need it and guiding you every step of the way.

Will you recommend this program?
Yes and I have! Friends, family, my husband even my esthetician is onboard with Emergent You programs and methodology. ALL have seen results i.e. weight loss, improved diagnostic labs, increased energy levels, the transition was easy and they continue to be excited to drive change within themselves.


Conscious Consumption™ Cut the CRAP Course Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of programs do you offer?

Emergent You has many programs delivered in our online platform, in addition to recipe bundles. Click here to learn more about our programs.

Why is nutrition part of many of the programs?

Gut health drives every facet of our performance. Our mood, our energy, and our clarity of thought is a product of our microbiome health. We can't address other goals without starting with nutrition. If you were called to help a farmer figure out why his apple tree wasn't producing fruit, you would start at the roots. Nutrition is how we start with the roots. 

What kind of retreats and workshops do you offer?

We offer personal small group workshops for plant based nutrition, meal planning and cooking. We also offer wellness workshops, yoga retreats, and BlueMind Wellness retreats as well. Click here to learn more.

Do you offer private coaching?

Yes private coaching is available with Lori Palmer on a very limited basis. Most coaching is a combination of remote meetings and guidance leveraging our signature programs and individual instruction based on your needs. Fill out this form to have a consultation about private sessions with Lori.

Do you offer corporate wellness programs?

Lori offers several corporate programs related to wellness at work, home and work life balance, and effective coherent leadership. Contact her here to learn more.

What is multiple brain integration technique?

mBIT, or Multiple Brain Integration Technique, is a suite of tools and techniques for communicating with, integrating, and harnessing the power of your multiple brains (head, heart, and gut brains).

The founders of mBraining discovered through extensive research that each of your brains has a competency that is its 'highest expression' and that the three brains, when operating via these competencies, produce synergistic effects and bring greater wisdom to decision making, relationships, and life.

The highest expressions are Compassion (heart), Creativity (head), and Courage (gut). When all three work together they produce amazing results!

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