I believe in you

Lori Palmer Shine

I believe in the goodness and brilliance that lives in EVERYONE and I am not afraid to proclaim it. 

I am passionate when it comes to health and removing the CRAP that keeps YOU from emerging.

People turn to me for coaching to live their BEST life, and I start with FOOD because I know the power of physical health being the foundation for every other success you want to achieve.

My uncompromising values in business and in life are that we have our own answers and there is no ONE right way for everyone but.... BUT in the face of evidence and new knowlege I will challenge you to cut the CRAP and the lies you are telling yourself to keep you from your own wisdom. I push with tough love and call BS yet will not tolerate self-doubt and mean self talk - That is all part of the CRAP I help you rid yourself of for GOOD.

My people are open minded and curious and WANT to feel and be BETTER than where they are today and will join me on this journey with laughter and excitement of the possibilities. 

It doesn't matter to me where you are starting as long as I have your commitment to keep going, one step one choice one breath at a time.

I am on a mission to destroy the damn wagon that people fall off of and instead hold hands and take a walk. Then if you fall.... it is easy enough to pick yourself up and wipe your knees and KEEP going with me right there holding out my hand. 

Hanging out with me will make you GROW and GLOW. It is inevitable. 

I want to exit this world with the legacy that I helped so much they in turn went and helped 10 others and the waterfall effect continues. I want to rid the world of diseases born of our CHOICES through education and coaching and WALKING the walk. 

I go to bed every night with the satisfaction that me being me makes a difference. I live a life passionate to serve and teach.

With my friends and family I am goofy and loving and do my best to hold space for each one of them to be exactly who they are and I am right here to give them a boost EVERY DAMN DAY.

My stance on diet and my passion for eating whole plant based foods might offend people at times, but I can't unknow what I know and will never pass up a chance to drop the seed of knowledge.

I will not rest until we are all armed with information to make the healthiest decisions. If you know better and choose not to act that is one thing...but many people just don't know what choices will truly align them to optimal health. 

I don't believe in failure - I believe in results. Results are merely the output of a choice. If you don't like the results, we have to change the input. But you have to WANT to really change.

It infuriates me that people think life is what happens to them... and it is NOT. Life IS what you do and how YOU are and what YOU CHOOSE to see and be and do in the face of life. 

My mission with Emergent You is to guide and coach and inspire YOU to emerge as the amazing human you are. 

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