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Are you ready to feel amazing?

You ended up here because you want to be the healthiest version of YOU! 

The evidence is IN.

The best way to take control of your health is to eat as clean as possible, as often as you can, and fill your diet with WHOLE PLANT BASED FOODS.

But it isn’t always easy to know what to eat when you are used to packaged foods or the Standard American Diet.

You KNOW you want to eat better, but are overwhelmed on where to start.

That is why I created a FREE 5 Day Plant Based Kickstart. 

You get immediate access to:

  • Delicious and Balanced 5 Day Plant Based Meal Plan
  • Over 15 Amazing Plant Based Recipes
  • Scalable Shopping List so you can adjust if you are feeding one person or 10!
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  • Done for You Healthy Eating so you can finally feel your best EVER!
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What we believe

At Emergent You, we believe we are ALL amazing; but we also know a lot of people don’t realize just how amazing they are. In our culture today greatness gets buried under a ton of CRAP.  This crap shows up as poor nutrition, limiting beliefs,  and overwhelming pressure to “succeed”.  We have all been there, desperately trying to make our mark on the world and at the same time be authentic and happy. 

Our goal at Emergent You is to coach and inspire you to rise up and emerge as the best version of YOU.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, and don’t think that WE have all the answers. YOU have the answers, but don’t always know what questions to ask or how to really listen when the answers bubble up. Our mission is to hold space for the answers, ask the questions, and heal by going back to the basics before we work on the BIG stuff.

You are magic. You can have everything you want in life. You are in control. We believe that you can build your best life so that it works for you. Your best life is waiting for you to emerge and claim it. 


Our Approach

Founded from decades of study of yoga, psychology, plant based nutrition, and multiple wellness and life coaching modalities, Lori Palmer (founder of Emergent You) has developed Conscious Consumption and the programs, products, workshops and retreats to create the best platform for true transformation. You have the answers, we help you uncover them, listen, integrate wisdom, and grow.

Back to Basics

Healthy habits rooted in wellness are the key to true growth and a sustainable successful life. We all have amazing goals to further our career, write a book, or expand in a loving relationship. But if the roots aren’t healthy, the branches of the tree can’t bloom, expand, and bear fruit. True emergence requires a return to the roots, and an approach that integrates head, heart and gut.
Optimal Nutrition
Mindful Movement
Clear mind
Coherent Wisdom

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Get to Know Lori

I am Lori Palmer and the visionary and founder of Emergent You.  I am a Plant Based Nutrition Coach, E-RYT Yoga Teacher with over 3 decades of study and practice, and a Life and Wellness Coach combining a degree in Psychology and certifications in multiple modalities. 

I created Emergent You because I believe in YOU and I believe in US. I do this because I love it.  And because I care about our health, the health of the planet, and the expansion of all of us as individuals.

Some of our love notes

“Lori is the real deal! She has a vibrant spirit and a passion to help people. I would definitely recommend working with her. She is so encouraging and full of wisdom and love. And she really knows her stuff when it comes to being healthy body, mind, and spirit.”


“Lori is a wonderful human and her mission to help others is amazing!
She really cares about her clients and her students and it definitely shows. Listen to Lori!”

“Lori is such a passionate encourager!
This lady definitely practices what she preaches, and her enthusiasm pours out of her in a very uplifting way. I would strongly recommend her as your coach in reaching your higher self.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Emergent You

What kind of programs do you offer?

Emergent You has many programs delivered in our online platform, in addition to recipe bundles. Click here to learn more about our programs.

Why is nutrition part of many of the programs?

Gut health drives every facet of our performance. Our mood, our energy, and our clarity of thought is a product of our microbiome health. We can't address other goals without starting with nutrition. If you were called to help a farmer figure out why his apple tree wasn't producing fruit, you would start at the roots. Nutrition is how we start with the roots. 

What kind of retreats and workshops do you offer?

We offer personal small group workshops for plant based nutrition, meal planning and cooking. We also offer wellness workshops, yoga retreats, and BlueMind Wellness retreats as well. Click here to learn more.

Do you offer private coaching?

Yes private coaching is available with Lori Palmer on a very limited basis. Most coaching is a combination of remote meetings and guidance leveraging our signature programs and individual instruction based on your needs. Fill out this form to have a consultation about private sessions with Lori.

Do you offer corporate wellness programs?

Lori offers several corporate programs related to wellness at work, home and work life balance, and effective coherent leadership. Contact her here to learn more.

What is multiple brain integration technique?

mBIT, or Multiple Brain Integration Technique, is a suite of tools and techniques for communicating with, integrating, and harnessing the power of your multiple brains (head, heart, and gut brains).

The founders of mBraining discovered through extensive research that each of your brains has a competency that is its 'highest expression' and that the three brains, when operating via these competencies, produce synergistic effects and bring greater wisdom to decision making, relationships, and life.

The highest expressions are Compassion (heart), Creativity (head), and Courage (gut). When all three work together they produce amazing results!

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